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XIGENATURE,With plant elements as the foundation, natural skin care as the essence,that focus on oriental 

fragrance healing and healthy lifestyle.Enticed by natural scent,expanding the joy of life and provide a refined 

life for all those who have a good life,awakening the sleeping nature with unique blending techniques and 

aesthetic rituals.If you also like our products, then join our camp and run this creative and joy together!

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[Cooperation requirements]

1. Social citizen with independent ability

2. Enthusiastic about the development of cosmetics, 

with a strong sense of business service

3. Have good credit, be pragmatic and conscientious, 

and have a vision of long-term development

[Cooperation Process]

1.Consultation and inspection 2. Application for admission 

3. Qualification review 4. Contracting 5. Procedures 

6. Headquarters assistance 7. Opening guidance 

8. Logistics and distribution 9. Official business 

10. Follow-up support

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